From the Police re the Public Space Protection Order

As most of you are aware in Moseley and kings Heath we have A Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in Place, a PSPO is there to protect the community.

Neighbourhood officers have been out enforcing the PSPO within Moseley and Kings Heath area. Any breaches are ethically dealt with as we have to think about the safety of all of the public specifically where social distancing is concerned.

All breaches are recorded and dealt with appropriately, Help and support is always offered and is always a consideration when taking any action.

As a general rule of thumb the order protects against gathering of two or more people within the restricted area, the Police can request people to disperse.

It prohibits Street Drinking, begging, Loitering and verbal abuse and threatening behaviour amounting to ASB (antisocial behaviour)

If you would like further information of terms and conditions of the order you can visit

You can report a breach of this order to police via webchat at; alternatively report via 101 number unless you feel there is serious risk of harm then call 999.
Dawn Moreton
Moseley & Kings Heath Neigbourhood Police.

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