Full lineup of community groups for networking day 7 October 2017

Kings Heath Residents’ Forum is organising a networking day on Saturday 7 October 2017. The purpose is to give residents a chance to meet local organisations and individuals who can provide advice, help and support in the area. The full list of participating groups is:

For more information about each group or individual, click on the name.

There is no charge for the networking day – all you need to do is to walk in, join in and benefit from all the information that will be available.

Event information:

Date: 7 October 2017

Opening hours: 10am to 2pm

Location: Kings Heath Community Centre, 8 Heathfield Road, Kings Heath, B14 7DB

Woodturning demonstrations

Moseley and Kings Heath Shed posterMoseley and Kings Heath Shed has woodturning demonstrations and a tool sale on Saturday 12 August 2017 from 11 am. It will all be happening outside the Cartland Tea Rooms cafe in Kings Heath Park on Vicarage Road.

Moseley and Kings Heath Shed is a registered charity, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Its main purpose is to help reduce loneliness, isolation and social exclusion among older men and women.

Normal opening hours are Monday morning, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning and afternoon and Friday afternoon.

Read more about the Shed here.

Kings Heath Street Festival cancelled

Following discussions about the future of the annual Kings Heath Street Festival, the organisers have announced that the 2017 Festival has been cancelled. A statement has been published that explains that, ‘the measures now required to be put in place make it impossible to reproduce the events that we have previously held’.

The full statement can be seen here.

Kings Heath Street Festival location under discussion

The organisers of the annual Kings Heath Street Festival announced on 10 July 2017 that it is to move from York Road to the the Parade car park in front of the old Kingsway cinema. A statement issued by the organisers explained that the move is necessary because ‘all events that take place on council land must conform to a set of new anti-terror safety guidelines’.

These guidelines are reported to require:

  • The installation of high impact vehicles or concrete barriers at all road entry access points
  • Security fencing surrounding the entire activity space whilst still allowing right of way access to businesses/residents
  • Bag searches at all entry points and controlled pedestrian access points.

The result, according to the statement, would be that ‘any activity on York Road would have to take place inside a ‘caged event space’ on the carriageway only. The pavements would have to remain outside of the security fencing to allow right of way to residents and business owners’. The statement went on to explain that the organisers had decided that this would be impractical.

There was a strong and sustained reaction against the plans on social media but the chair of the organising group, Kings Heath Business Improvement District (BID) board, said, ‘We understand that the decision to move the event has proved unpopular with some members of the public, however our number one priority is public safety’.

On 13 July 2017, the organisers issued a new statement. This said that the decision had been put on hold for 7 days ‘to allow plans for Kings Heath Street Festival to return its traditional home on York Road’. While some people on social media have taken this to mean that the Festival is definitely going to take place in York Road, the statement also says there is to be a ‘period of grace [to] re-address the possibility of a Festival on York Road’.

It appears, therefore, that the location has not yet been confirmed as York Road. A further announcement is expected soon.

UPDATED 3 August 2017. A statement issued by the organisers on 2 August announced that the 2017 Festival has been cancelled. The full statement can be read here.

Big Lunch builds friendships


Peacock Road, Kings Heath, held its annual Big Lunch on Sunday 18th June. The party commemorated the lives of Jo Cox MP and Peacock Road resident George Singh who sadly died earlier this year.

The organiser of the event wrote: ‘The children had a great time playing in the road which was closed off for the afternoon.  Parents could relax too, knowing their children could scoot around in a car-free area. The glorious weather helped us all to have a lovely party, sharing food and conversation with our neighbours.’

Did you hold a Big Lunch party?  Let us know about your parties and spread the word.  The Big Lunch and the Great Get Together help people to get to know their neighbours and bring communities together.

The organiser of the Peacock Road Big Lunch thanked Amey for supplying the road barriers this year and for the last two years for their party.