Kings Heath Clean Air Day


Join Dr Xand van Tulleken and residents this Friday, 1 December 2017 for Kings Heath’s Clean Air Day – a scientific experiment monitored and filmed by the BBC to see if we can make a difference to air quality on the High Street for one day.

You can help by walking, cycling, taking the bus or sharing lifts. Just leave your car at home, if you can. Lots of people will be doing their bit to help. Schools are involved, parking bays will be suspended on the High Street, extra greenery will be added.

Volunteers will be carrying out traffic and people surveys. We need helpers:

  • to carry out a traffic survey between 10am and 12 noon, and also between 3–4pm
  • to help between 1–2pm to do a survey of pedestrians (how they got here – whether by walking, cycling, getting the bus, by car, etc.)

You don’t have to do all sessions; if you can help for an hour, that’s fine. Meet up 20 minutes before each session outside the All Saints Community café on Kings Heath Village Square. We will be filmed doing this by a TV crew and the programme will be aired on BBC2 in January 2018. If you’re interested, please reply to the request on the Forum’s Facebook Page post or send a direct message to us.

Also, join a celebration party in the afternoon for walkers, cyclists and public transport users on the day outside the front of the Gorilla Cafe (1a Drayton Road).

One thought on “Kings Heath Clean Air Day

  1. Causes of Air Pollution from Traffic in Kings Heath
    1. Failure to reopen passenger rail stations in this and the neighbouring rail suburbs of south Birmingham
    2.Too much car commuting and too many school runs by car
    3.Large number of side streets and traffic movements across the High Street
    4. Stop-start driving caused by red lights and push button crossings having replaced roundabouts and zebra crossings (this can be reversed see Coventry city centre)
    4. Heavy goods vehicles using A435 as a short cut, when they should be on the motorway box. Too many priority traffic routes across Birmingham and this should not be one.
    5. Buses not yet electric hybrid, or not operating in electric mode
    NOT REQUIRED; Red Route, Bypass, or any measure that increases people’s propensity to drive cars for long and short journeys


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