Residents’ Forum letter objecting to licence application at 52 High Street

The Residents’ Forum has written to Birmingham City Council Licensing to register its objection to a licence application which, if granted, would permit the sale of alcohol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from premises at 52 High Street.

You can read the Forum’s letter in full at the following link:

Letter to Birmingham City Council Licensing objecting to licence application no. 96450 (pdf)

Yesterday, we shared a copy of the full application details (pdf). Anyone who wishes to comment on the application, should do so by 19 July 2016 in writing to:

Birmingham City Council
Licensing Section
P.O. Box 17013
B6 9ES


2 thoughts on “Residents’ Forum letter objecting to licence application at 52 High Street

  1. After registering my own objection to the licence application, I received the following reply from BCC’s Committee & Appeals Officer (General Licensing):

    “I refer to your representation to the above application for the grant of a Premises Licence.

    I can confirm that the application for the above premises has been WITHDRAWN by the applicant.

    This matter will therefore not be considered by the Licensing Sub-Committee of Birmingham City Council.”


  2. Do we honestly need another off-license on the Kings Heath High Street??
    I count 7 licensed shops within a mile not mentioning the pubs and restaurants that sell alcohol what is becoming of this high street
    How many high streets do you know with so many off licenses??
    it affects our young and old the behaviour of alcohol drinkers the crime it brings look at the consequences with Alcohol i used to think kings Heath was a nice place to live I honestly cannot see this area being ruined it’s just turning from good to bad I urge the locals to reject this application at 52 High Street kings Heath Birmingham b14 7JZ. Please act on this not for your sake then our next generation


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