Kings Heath Residents’ Forum gets results

Two recent actions by Kings Heath Residents Forum (KHRF) members have achieved results.

BT Openreach premises in Howard Road East

A considerable amount of litter and fallen leaves had collected both on the frontage of the building and along the pavement side of the fence. A KHRF member contacted BT, explained that a Spring Clean was being organised in various sites and by various groups across Kings Heath. Would BT help by cleaning up the front of the premises in Howard Road East? Admittedly it’s a while since the Great British Spring Clean but the clean up outside the building has been completed.

Commercial waste on the High Street

Complaints were made about an accumulation of commercial waste behind retail premises on the High Street. It should have been in a closed container so that it could not be blown out into the street. The complaint was passed to the Environmental Health Regulation and Enforcement department and a Waste Enforcement Team visited the retailer. A member of the team explained the retailer’s legal responsibilities which hopefully means that this particular source of wind-blown litter has been stopped.

Thanks to Kate Smith of BT Openreach and the Waste Enforcement Team of Birmingham City Council for dealing with these issues so quickly.