Planning consultation for 2 Drayton Road: Change of use to restaurant/cafe

Birmingham City Council Planning and Development have opened a consultation for a planning application at 2 Drayton Road (opposite Nationwide BS). The proposal is for:

“Part change of use of ground floor shop (Use Class A1) to restaurant/cafe (Use Class A3) and alterations to side elevation”

The above application was accepted by the Council on 7 August 2019. The Council are inviting comments on the application until 2 September 2019.

To view the application details and to submit your comments, visit the Council’s Planning website. The application reference number is 2019/05946/PA.

3 thoughts on “Planning consultation for 2 Drayton Road: Change of use to restaurant/cafe

  1. Does Kings Heath need another fast food establishment? I don’t think it does. I’m concerned about noise from late night opening and litter. I strongly object to the application


    • I am strongly in favour of this proposal. Kings Heath needs as many good quality restaurants and cafes as it can get, cafes are a leading sign of improved living standards (Forbes, 2018). This new development is at an end of the High Street which drastically needs modernizing so hopefully this will add to the great work being done by the new businesses currently operating in the area.

      In my opinion, your noise and litter-based objections are unfounded.
      The opening times requested are until 21:00, indicating this is likely going to be a cafe and not a fast-food establishment, so the noise impact will be minimal, particularly so close to the main road.
      The secondary issue of litter is not a concern as coffee contributes a tiny amount of on-street litter compared to the countless cigarette stubs and fast food bags that we see all the way down the high street. Gorilla Coffee Cafe operates without issue in the same area although I would like to know what the new establishment will be doing to lessen their environmental impact.

      Market forces will determine when there are too many restaurants and bars. When there are too many, they will start to close, Kings Heath is evidently not at that point yet, as demand continues to increase. More demand for high-quality businesses cannot be a bad thing and, besides, most businesses would be considered better than a vacant unit. This is a positive change for Kings Heath.


      • In the event of the business failing ( which is a strong possibility due to austerity, Brexit and the amount of tried, tested and failed cafe/ coffee houses already)the biggest concern is once the change of use is established fast food companies will be queuing up.
        I strongly object to this application


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