How to recognise a police warrant card

At the beginning of this month, we added an item about thieves on the streets. The original story is here. This included advice from the Police to always ask to see identification from anybody claiming to be a Police officer.

The difficulty with this advice is that few of us have ever seen a Police officer’s identification, called a Warrant Card. That makes it difficult to know whether what we’re being shown is genuine.

One of the local Police Liaison Team members has provided some advice on how to identify a real Warrant Card. It will be the same size as a credit card, be made of plastic and have:

  • A blue bar across the top of the card with the word Police in white on the blue bar if it identifies a Police officer.
  • Below that, in red lettering, the words ‘POLICE OFFICER’.
  • The officer’s collar number and their photograph will be across the centre of the card.
  • Their name and rank will be below the photograph.

The officer may have their card in a leather wallet but this isn’t always the case.

Perhaps the key point is that if you’re not absolutely certain that the card you’re being shown is genuine, say you’re going to call the Police. If the person who has shown the card isn’t a real Police officer, they’re unlikely to hang around if they think you’re really going to phone up to make sure they’re genuine.

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