Preventing vehicle crime

There has been a recent spate of thefts from cars and thefts of cars in Kings Heath and Moseley. The Police suggested a few precautions that we can take to reduce the risk of these sorts of crimes:

Break-ins to cars in Moseley involved thieves smashing windows to get at electronic equipment left in the cars overnight. The advice is never to leave satnavs, mobile phones, laptops or anything else of value in your car overnight.

You may also have heard about a couple of instances where cars were taken by force from their owners (carjackings). Advice has also been offered to minimise the risk of being the victim of this sort of crime. When you’ve parked your car and you’re going back to it, be aware of who is in the area as you approach it. Have the key ready in your hand so that you can open the door and get in quickly. Once in, lock the doors.

Overall, reported crime is reducing but these are things we can all do to help bring it down further.

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