2014 local election candidates

The 2014 local elections take place on 22 May. Here is some more information about the candidates for Moseley and Kings Heath.

(Please note that this information and the views expressed are those of the candidates, not those of Kings Heath Residents’ Forum.)

Ernie HendricksErnie Hendricks (Liberal Democrat)

It’s time to decide if you want me to represent you for another four years. Many of you know me as a local lad who moved into the ward in 1976 as a foster child. While I admit I haven’t got all the answers, I’m proud of what I’ve achieved in the last eight years. If elected, I will continue to:

Fight for the ward in city council meetings

We are going through difficult times, the ward needs an experienced councillor to ensure we get the best deal. I’ve spoken at council, moved motions and asked questions for residents. I’ve presented petitions and attended police tasking meetings – dealt with the issues raised and updated residents as to outcomes.

Support and work with the residents

I’ve completed over 3,000 casework enquiries, dealing with issues from housing to removing dumped and uncollected rubbish. I’ve set up initiatives working with residents like Street-Watch.

Build a youth programme

The youth officers in the ward have been cut, we need to develop something new. I found funding to support youth-related activities including street dance and basketball sessions.

Develop an anti-litter campaign

The ward is getting dirtier: you can’t help but notice. I will embark on an anti-litter campaign for the ward which will make a difference.

Fight for Moseley Road baths

Labour wants to close Moseley Road baths in 2015. This would harm Moseley and Balsall Heath but also Birmingham too.

Seek other funding for the ward

I have, with residents, delivered over £100,000 of external funding for our ward. Finding alternative income will become important if we are to keep our services. The Moseley Community Alcohol Partnership would not have happened without me working in partnership with Moseley CDT and finding additional funds.

Don’t lose a good councillor: VOTE FOR ERNIE

Amil KhanAmil Khan (Conservative)

  • Vice-Chair of the Governing Body at a special needs primary school in Birmingham
  • Chair of the Finance and Buildings Cttee at said SNE school
  • Studied History and Political Science at the University Of Birmingham
  • Currently at Bar school, training to be a barrister here in Birmingham as a Middle Temple Scholar
  • Interested in planning issues, namely ensuring that the unique character and heritage of our suburbs are protected
  • Active with pro bono work in my spare time

Conservative Party Manifesto/Alternative Budget

  • Garden waste collection to be free once more and those who have already paid to be refunded
  • £100,000 community chest fund for Moseley and Kings Heath Ward
  • An extra Youth Community Chest to fund services for young people
  • Local libraries to remain open
  • Every household to be eligible for a free bulky waste collection each year (Labour are charging for this service now)
  • Every district to have a special clean up crew dedicated to ensuring the streets are cleared of rubbish and fly tipped waste.
  • The funding for Moseley and Kings Heath to get a new micro park/public square over the next four years

Claire SpencerClaire Spencer (Labour)

My name is Claire: I live in Kings Heath, work for a European climate change project in Birmingham, and have volunteered with various community organisations over the last few years: notably Moseley CDT, SusMo and Moseley Forum. I have been selected by Labour and the Co-operative Party to stand for the local elections, and wanted to tell you why.

With cuts hitting year on year, local government is feeling the impact. Meeting the needs and aspirations of local citizens with less is challenging: and the decisions we make are even more important to get right.

To me, citizens knowing their power is a key part of getting it right. What I have learned from volunteering locally is that people do not have to be the passive recipients of services. I’ve seen Moseley in Bloom work with council officers to make Moseley an award-winning neighbourhood. I’ve seen Kings Heath experience tragedy, but pull together to create a Road Safety strategy that will change the lives of thousands. I worked with others as part of SusMo to bring clean solar energy to local community buildings, and used the momentum from that project to start Community Energy Birmingham, which is now delivering similar projects across the city.

Local government is uniquely placed to restore faith in democracy. It is close to people’s lives, and decisions made are quickly felt. A pavement resurfaced, a discretionary housing payment granted, a game of football in a cleaned local park: people experience the difference, and know that they had a part in it.

I want local government to enable citizens to lead contented lives, and if I am elected, you will be part of every decision I make.

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