Kings Heath, Transport in the Past, The Present and in The Future

Posted by Howard Drury:

On Saturday 16th November at the Baptist Church on the High Street (opposite Asda) in Kings Heath we are holding an open day from 11am to 4pm where you can come and listen to presentations or just share your views on transport in our area. Are you aware there are city wide plans to introduce 20mph areas and kings Heath may be the first pilot scheme, come and share your views.  We hope to have representatives from respected groups such as Sustrans, Centro and officers from the council present  to give presentations and listen and share your views and opinions. If you want to know much more about 20mph areas  please either come along on the day or visit Birmingham councils 20mph consultation webpage

If you would like more information, please contact Kings Heath Residents’ Forum.

One thought on “Kings Heath, Transport in the Past, The Present and in The Future

  1. Hi,

    I think it’s really important for people to register their opinion in Birmingham. As a residents forum we should be promoting this first and foremost. Here is the link for Birmingham City’s survey:

    Also I think in a list of resources it’s important to provide some balance, and rather more examples of 20mph in the UK – Sustrans research on 20mph in the UK is well respected, and no reference to ’20s plenty for us’ is a bit of an oversight.

    Please can you include these on your list, or in some way recognise their research?



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