Firefighter extinguishing the burning polytunnel

Fire at Highbury Orchard Community group site

A fire has destroyed a significant part of the orchard that has been created in a neglected corner of the Highbury Estate by the Highbury Orchard Community. The Fire Service was called out late on the afternoon of 25 August 2017 and, although the fire was put out within an hour, it destroyed one side of the wooden enclosure, a polytunnel and part of the surrounding area.

There have been a number of attacks by vandals over the summer and the suspicion is that the fire was caused by vandals.

A cleanup is being organised on Wednesday and Thursday 30 and 31 August 2017. Volunteers are needed to help with this work.

In addition, the project needs donations of materials and cash to help with the rebuilding work.

Here’s a list of the materials needed.

If you prefer to donate cash, there’s a donate button on the Highbury Orchard Community’s home page.

This is a volunteer group that is doing invaluable work in our community. Any help that can be provided will be gratefully received.

Photo by Highbury Orchard Community