Food stall in Kings Heath village square 15 April 2017

Helping the homeless

Members of the local Sikh community have set up an occasional food stall in memory of George of Peacock Road. George was well-known in the neighbourhood and died suddenly earlier this year.

His family and friends have run two food stalls so far in the village square in March with more planned over the coming weeks. They prepare and offer cooked food with the overall aim of helping economically disadvantaged people. Those who would otherwise go hungry are given free food. Those who can afford it are asked to make a donation. All donations will be used to fund future food stalls and to provide clothing and other necessities for local homeless people.

The project is part of the Sikh principle of Seva which involves performing a service to the local community for the benefit of everybody.

Places available at lunch club

Posted by Kate Wilcox:

A few places are available at the All Saints Church Elders Lunch Club. The club runs every Wednesday as a social event for older people in Kings Heath. They do not need to be members of the church in order to be part of the Club’s lunches.

Members arrive at the All Saints Church Community Centre at 2 Vicarage Road, Kings Heath, B14 7RA every Wednesday at 12 noon. The lunch lasts for an hour with soup, sandwiches, desserts, tea and coffee available at very reasonable prices.

The emphasis is on providing a welcoming and friendly place for older residents to enjoy a sociable lunch and make new friends.

If you or an older relative would like to join the lunch club, call Liz Turner on 0121 604 6086. If you have difficulties getting there under your own steam, help will be provided to sign up with the Ring and Ride community bus service.