New way to gather evidence of anti-social activities in Kings Heath

A new public shared drive on Google Drive has been started to enable local people to gather evidence of anti-social activities. It covers all areas of Kings Heath. The shared drive “is a way for the people of Kings Heath to collectively gather evidence for change, particularly relating to bad driving and parking, but also on fly-tipping, anti-social behaviour, and other issues.”  No doubt other issues could include anything to do with street design, pavements etc

Residents are invited to take a photograph, if possible, and to add it and other information to the relevant street’s folder in the shared drive. If you haven’t used this before please don’t be put off it is very easy to post  pictures and comments.

Given the volume of recent comments about inconsiderate parking and reckless moped drivers, it seems likely that the site will become very busy very quickly.

To access the shared drive please visit:

There are also notes on etiquette when using the shared drive.