Problem parking on Institute Road

Action on problem parking

Photo credit: Lou Robson

Kings Heath residents have complained recently about problems caused by illegally or inconsiderately parked cars. Councillor Straker Welds took this up with Birmingham City Council (BCC) and has been given some very useful information.

Action is taken against the owners of badly parked cars but who takes the action depends on where the car was parked.

On the road

BCC employs Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) who work across the city. They visit areas such as Kings Heath High Street more frequently than some other areas because of problems caused by illegally parked vehicles. They are responsible for issuing Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) for parking violations on the road.

This means that where cars are illegally parked or are parked across dropped kerbs intended for use by wheelchairs, pushchairs and people with limited mobility, the CEOs can issue a Penalty Charge Notice.

It’s important to note, however, that if the dropped kerb is for a driveway the CEOs can’t do anything unless the owner of the property accessed by the dropped kerb complains.

If you want to complain about illegally parked vehicles, you can send an email with details to but please remember that they can’t do anything about inconsiderately parked vehicles. For the CEOs to be able to take action, the vehicle must be parked illegally or be blocking a dropped kerb for use by pedestrians.

On the pavement

Where there are no parking restrictions and cars are parked on the pavement and causing an obstruction, this is the responsibility of the Police. They can issue a Fixed Penalty Notice. If there is a persistent problem with people parking on pavements and causing an obstruction – making it difficult for people, wheelchairs, pushchairs and so on to pass – you can report it to the non-emergency Police number by telephoning 101.

Joint operations

Sometimes the Police and the CEOs work together – this happened 12 times in Kings Heath during 2016 and it’s already happening again this year, especially around schools.

Inconsiderate and illegal parking can cause real problems for people but now you can take action if you’re affected.

2 thoughts on “Action on problem parking

  1. 0121 303 7613. This is the number for Birmingham City Council. They normally operate weekdays between 8am-4pm. Each time I have called them, they are in contact with their subcontractors immediately and to date I have either had the vehicle ticketed or removed within 30 minutes.


  2. I have tried dialing 101 many times. I live across the road from a school and my (and my neighbours’) drives are blocked almost every day. I never managed to get through. They don’t pick up.


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