Updated Kings Heath High Street design proposals January 2015

Sustrans DIY Kings Heath have updated the proposals to redesign the High Street. You can download the January 2015 version of the designs from their website (pdf).

There is also more information on recent suggestions about street lighting, improving the northern and southern entrances to the High Street, and enlivening the area in this post by DIY Kings Heath.

An open, public meeting to discuss the design proposals takes place on Tuesday, 10 February 2015 from 6:30pm–8:00pm at:

Kings Heath Community Centre
8 Heathfield Road, Kings Heath B14 7DB

The final design suggestions will be handed over to Birmingham City Council in mid-February. The designs will then go through the Council’s formal consultation and approval process.

4 thoughts on “Updated Kings Heath High Street design proposals January 2015

  1. Mark, many thanks for your comments and observations. Sorry this reply is late but I thought you might like to know that Kings Heath Residents Forum’s comments on the proposals included the suggestions about HGVs being diverted from A435 where possible. We have since made the point directly to the lead Council officer that this is one of a number of issues beyond the scope of the DIY Streets project which we want to pursue further. We will continue to demand action on this. The Forum has a Road Safety Group working on these issues and if anyone is interested in being involved in that please contact me by email.
    Tom Tierney


  2. These look great and should improve the High St greatly. But….we will still have a high volume of through traffic many of which are HGVs.

    Might increasing informal crossing between vehicles increase the risk that drivers of slow moving HGVs will not see someone who is walking in front of them at low level?

    We need to lobby for the bulk of through traffic to use the A38 or A45 (not difficult as the M42 provides onward links to any destination south of the City) and for restrictions to be placed on HGVs. To start with, changes to signage – such as on the M42 where the City is indicated via the A435 need to be put in place with signage stating ‘No through route for HGVs’. Current signage positively encourages the use of the A435. A total ban will be difficult as sat navs are likely to take the shortest route but reduction of traffic must be a priority.


    • the trouble with these so called improvents is they are diverting traffic from the local traders yet again ,the last thing Kings Heath high st needs is another reason for people to shop elsewhere .you only need look at Northfield to see what diverting the traffic has done there for the businesses there. try looking at every time these improvements are added by how much visitors drop by. the more shops cant afford to stay there the more the high st looks like the coventry rd.


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