20mph consultation runs until 4 July 2014

A consultation on a central and south Birmingham 20mph pilot area to include Kings Heath has started and runs until 4 July. You can find more information, maps and a link to respond online on Birmingham City Council’s 20mph is Plenty page. The project team will be at Kings Heath Library on Thursday, 12 June 2014 3pm–7pm.

3 thoughts on “20mph consultation runs until 4 July 2014

  1. I agree with Julia plus why is £7m being spent on this scheme when the Council is cutting back on vital services. Surely we should be spending money where it is needed most and not on this ill-timed and in my view ill-conceived plan. Cut the speed on the High Street, get rid of HGVs! And why oh why keep a 30mph on Addison Road. It is hardly possible to do 15mph at the High Street end anyway. Overall bad use of public (mine and our) money for political ends.


  2. The problem with this sign-based, ultimately 7 million pound scheme is (1) that it concentrates on residential side roads, and not on main roads and here speeds will only reduce by around 1 mph: this is what the DfT will tell you happens where speeds are already under 24 mph. (2) Sure Kings Heath also gets signs on the main road, but the speed reduction here will NOT be enough to prevent many collisions. See both the evidence for these points, and how 7 million could be better spent, and more people protected here: http://bit.ly/zonesnotlimits


  3. The map for Kings Heath shows roads which it is proposed will retain a 30mph limit. These include Avenue Rd, part of Vicarage Rd, Addison Rd, Wheelers Lane, Barn Lane and part of Alcester Rd South. There’s good news for people who wrote in to saying Springfield Rd should have a 20mph limit – the latest map shows it is no longer proposed as a 30 mph limit.


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